How badly do you want to stand out of the pack? In today’s digital landscape, it is more and more important to stand out. Having professional headshots are now integral in building and maintaining a professional reputation and brand. The Bay Area is a major hub for entrepreneurs and startups, small and large. One quick search on LinkedIn will show you that there’s a multitude of average headshots, un-customized banners, and images that are not carefully composed and have poles, signs, and other distracting objects in the background.  People are realizing that today, a great headshot is essential in building and maintaining a professional reputation. For entrepreneurs and businesses, having a rich and consistent image library for websites, marketing, and social media is essential for promoting your brand. People will search for you online, it’s my goal to make sure what they see when they search for you is a person whose headshot represents them in the very best way—confident, approachable, and professional.