Are you wondering if you should shave your facial hair before having your headshot taken? There’s no hard and fast rule, but my take on it for most situations is: Yes, please. 🙂

Before Your Headshot

If you do decide to shave, you’re going to have to do it well. You don’t want to cut corners. You’ll be surprised to hear that a lot of men don’t do a great job when it comes to shaving. I myself find at times that there are spots where I missed and I wouldn’t want my headshot to catch that, especially now with the super ultra high definition cameras that pick out the smallest details. You will see every pore!

I suggest to go to a professional barber. I know you can make time to do it!

Confidence Booster

The benefits are two-fold:
1) You know the shave is going to look amazing
2) You will be able to relax for your headshot knowing that it will look perfect.

Getting a shave in preparation for your headshot

Remember, when having your professional headshot taken, understand that the look will be with you for some time (at the very least, 2 years).

Plan Your Looks

Note that if you want a couple “looks”, and your 5 o’clock shadow is part of your style that you should come in wearing your stubble and then if you have time, schedule a second session after a shave, so you will have options. 

Shaving Tips

Here are some additional shaving tips for your headshot:

Wearing a goatee for a mens headshot
  1. Make sure you plan ahead and go to a professional barber if you are not wanting two different looks and you feel you’re not the best at giving yourself the best shave ever. It’s probably the most important shave of the year!
  2. If you decide to shave on your own, make sure that you put on aftershave to sooth and cool down the skin.
  3. If your look is the George Michael five-o-clock shadow, ask yourself, does it hide your jaw line and give you a double chin effect? If so, then I’d go clean shaven.
  4. Allow for at least an hour after your shave before having your headshot taken. It allows the skin to cool and any redness will be gone.
  5. Make sure you’re drinking lots of water prior to your headshot. After the shave it will help your skin stay hydrated.
  6. If you have a beard or mustache, have it professionally trimmed.

These may seem like little details but following these tips will make a huge difference in the final polished look of your headshot.